Adjustments Tenants Can Make in a Rental Without Damaging It

If you are living in a rental, you are probably asking yourself if you are allowed to make any changes to the place. Well, we can tell you that it all depends on the changes you have in mind. For instance, if you plan to improve the decor or change the color of the walls, you will probably have your property owner’s blessing. On the other hand, your property owner might disagree with your ideas if you wish to knock down some walls. The reality is that you should always look to make improvements that will not damage the rental. Also, you shouldn’t overinvest in that property because you never know how long you will stay there. Therefore, to give you a hand in deciding what you should and shouldn’t do in your rental, here are some adjustments tenants can make without damaging the place. 

Clean the place thoroughly

You would expect that a rental would be spotless when you move in. The property owner likely hired a cleaning service or asked the previous tenants to do the cleaning. However, unless you do the necessary cleaning yourself, the space won’t ever be as tidy as you would like it to be. So cleaning your rental to your standards is one adjustment you may make without any problems. You can use the cleaning products you love and reach every corner of the place. And once you finish cleaning to your standards, we can guarantee you will feel more at home in your rental.

At the same time, don’t forget to do some thorough cleaning before moving out of the rental. Tidy up the place properly, and the property owner will be grateful. Moreover, he won’t have any reason not to return your security deposit.

Adjustments Tenants Can Make in a Rental Without Damaging It 1

Add a fresh lick of paint

One of the other adjustments tenants can make without damaging a rental is to paint the walls. A fresh lick of paint can change the look and feel of your home more than you can imagine. For instance, painting your walls in bright colors can help make the space look bigger and brighter. Choose different hues of white, grey, cream, or even blue and see how the rooms transform. Moreover, you can use clever techniques to make the place more welcoming by painting the ceiling in one color and the walls differently. If you opt to use warm colors, it will quickly warm up the space and make the room appear taller.

At the same time, if you want to add texture to your rooms, you can always opt for removable wallpaper. It is available in many colors and styles, is simple to use, and is just as simple to remove. Not to mention that it is simple to clean. Also, your property owner might like the new look so much that they will ask you to leave it as it is if and when you leave. Either way, be sure to gain your landlord’s approval before making changes.

Improve the flooring

The flooring may be old and damaged if the house you live in has been on the rental market for a while. Each tenant who moved in and out probably left their imprint on the bathroom tiles or the wooden floors. As a result, you might need to improve the flooring and give it a more pleasant look. For instance, you can hire a team of hardwood floor cleaners that can restore your floors to their former glory. Or, you can install floor stickers that can cover the damaged areas and change the look of the room in an instant. In the end, you can even place carpets and rugs in every room to cover damaged spots or to enhance the decor.

However, whatever you decide to do to improve the appearance of your flooring, follow the advice of Professional Movers Canada. They recommend removing all the items from a room before doing any work on the flooring so you can have good access to every corner. Have the furniture stored in a storage unit until you finish making your improvements, and ask for help to bring it back to your home. Professional movers can transfer it safely and protect your new flooring from scratches or dents caused by pushing and pulling the furniture.

Adjustments Tenants Can Make in a Rental Without Damaging It 2

Make more space

If your rental is small and stuffed with items, it might be time to become creative with your space. For instance, you can add some shelves to empty walls and create more storage space. Also, you can install some shelves above the sink or over the bed and place some items on them. Alternatively, you can install pull-out shelves in narrow spaces between furniture pieces or corner shelves in the corners you can reach. Most of the shelving is easy to install and leaves only a few small holes that are easy to fill when taken down. 

But, if you don’t want to drill holes in the walls, you can make more space in your home using multipurpose furniture. There are enough choices available, including ottomans with concealed storage compartments, coffee tables with drawers, and couches with storage below. 

Bring in some plants

Another adjustment you can make in a rental without damaging it is to bring some nature into it. Plants may brighten your mood and provide a splash of color to any room, and you don’t need the consent of your property owner to grow them. In your kitchen, for example, you can create a windowsill spice garden or hang some flower pots. Also, you may boost the ambiance by placing vases of freshly cut flowers in the kitchen or dining area. Use floor flower pots or vases in the living room and other rooms, or hang seasonal wreaths. All the greenery you bring into your home will make it seem more inviting and personal as you put your mark on the space.

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Final thoughts

There are many adjustments tenants can make in a rental without damaging it, especially if they are in good relations with their property owner. If, as a tenant, you don’t create problems and ask for permission before you make any changes, your property owner will probably approve them. Of course, as long as they are reasonable and don’t cause irreversible changes. And as a property owner, if you are unsure of what you should and shouldn’t allow your tenants to adjust, look for a professional that can help you manage your tenants and your property. That way, you will have an expert take care of your property while you deal with other essential aspects of your life.